Your Way Forward __________________________________________

I introduce new learning, concepts and strategies and apply these specifically to you

You’ll have simple tasks to try out.

This may sound 'scary' ... but it’s not!

Tasks may be as simple as trying a new approach ... trying different words ... delaying your response ... a whole range of risk-free techniques for you to try out in your daily life. Things you’ll know you're doing, but which others won’t!

Throughout, we take stock, consolidating what you’ve achieved and ensuring we stay 'on track'.

This is important for several reasons:

i) Are you heading where we planned?  If not, why not?  Is it due to a change in your needs ... or your new learning?

ii) It serves as 'revision'. We’ll revisit previous learning and ensure it’s fully understood by, and embedded in, you.

iii) We’ll look at what's planned and, if we need to, modify accordingly.  The approach is both flexible and dynamic. __________________________________________


What happens afterwards?

How many initiatives do you see, great in the planning stage, 'okay' during implementation, but forgotten after completion?

I don't want this to happen to youFollow-up is about sustaining your achievements.


What else is there to help you?

Supporting you throughout is your Personal Growth Record.

Specifically-designed for you to work with throughout our time together, this builds upon the focus areas highlighted within your Personal Recommendation.

It's for you to record your targets, your achievements and your plans, providing you with a 'snapshot' of your growth to date, the context (why you are doing it) and your desired outcomes (what you are going to get out of it).

What now?


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